Specialized lawyers

Our lawyers are all specialized in several legal areas, as set out in the following list:

Companies | Business Law | Banking Law & Securities | Human Resources | Taxation

Intellectual Property | Data and Consumer protection | White-Collar Crime | Real Estate

Insolvency & Attachment | Aviation and Traffic law | Private and Family Life

Socially responsible

Miles is amid the interesting ecological and societal changes and challenges.

And committed for a sustainable world

Who effectively do what they have promised to do

Miles Legal : A Step Ahead


Our lawyers all specialize in specific legal areas that they teach or in which they publish. They are constantly updating their knowledge. This perfect management of these specific legal areas goes together with a profound knowledge of the environment and practical needs of our clients.


The interesting ecological and societal changes and challenges means a lot to Miles. Economic actors as well as other actors of our society are responsible for the environment. The lawyers of Miles take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously. Therefore, we are committed to the goals of sustainable development (SDG).

Committed to a sustainable world

Miles does effectively what they have promised to do. Miles has abolished the use of paper, has an ambitious eco-dynamic policy and operates in a participatory and transparent manner. Miles graciously supports projects that are in line with its values and pursues ongoing reflection to improve the sustainability of its services.

Discover our CSR charter

A sustainable legal approach

To prevent - To audit - To be advised in due time - To comply.

ADR [collaborative negotiation, arbitration, mediation and conciliation] - Balanced settlements.

Adopt codes of conduct within the framework of CSR and the implementation of sustainable development objectives.

Direct access to the lawyer - Free participating to Miles' seminars



Creation - Merger / Acquisition [Audit, agreements...] - Liquidation – Follow-up [General Meeting, Board of Directors] - Shareholders [entries, exits, pacts, conflicts...] - Start-ups - Financial plans - Financing - Companies in difficulty [Bankruptcy, judicial reorganization].

Banking law and securities

Payment and credit services - Mortgage credit - Consumer credit - Corporeal securities [mortgage, pledge] - Personal securities [collateral].

Human Resources

Employment contract [hiring, contract, dismissal] – Employment regulations [Duration, remuneration, discrimination, welfare, harassment, ...] - Restructuring - Transfer of enterprises - Collective employment law [social elections, company’s collective agreements, strikes, ...] - Accidents at work - Business immigration. 

Lawyers : Luc Godin | Karen Lacroix


Corporate taxes - Personal taxes – V.A.T. - Registration duties - Inheritance tax – Tax planning - Relations with the administration - Rulings - Tax audits - Disputes - International taxation.

Intellectual property law

Copyrights - Trademarks - Patents - Domain names - Company names - Availability check - Deposits and management - Business confidentiality - Drafting of conventions - Transfer of rights.

Data and consumer protection

GDPR - Compliance - Drafting of internal regulations - Legal notices - Consumer protection - Sale, purchase and delivery of goods - Warranty - Scam - Travel - Assistance in handling complaints - Class actions.

Lawyer : Emma F. Omrani

White-collar crime

Preventing and Defending accused persons or victims - Criminal liability of legal persons - Controls, inspections, investigations - Forgery - Tax forgery - Abuse of company assets - Breaches concerning companies - Tax fraud - Money laundering - Confiscation.

Real estate

Purchase - Sale - Co-ownership – Common property - Commercial leases - Brewery leases - Rent leases - Construction - Real estate development - Building permits - Construction litigation - Neighbourhood disturbances - Real estate expertises.

Insolvency law and attachment

Bankruptcy - Judicial reorganisation - National and international debt recovery - European order for payment procedure - European small claims procedure - National and international attachment proceedings.

Private and family life

Marriage - Legal cohabitation – Marriage contracts - Separation - Divorce - Children - Adoption - Alimony - Estate planning - Liquidation and division - Estate disputes – Liability - Neighborhood nuisance - Personal injury.

Insurance law and Medical law

Insurance law – Health law - Civil and criminal medical liability – Health care innovation law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Negotiation - Mediation - Collaborative Law - Arbitration


Alex Tallon

Thierry Hankard

Luc Godin

Helena De Backer

Michael Tanghe

Roel Anciaux

Dominique Janssen

Philip Van Doorn

Aurélie Blaffart

Alain Vandemeulebroeke

Emma F. Omrani

Karen Lacroix

Geneviève Gieseler

Bart Cools



The fees are the result of a discussion followed by an agreement prior to the performance of any services. 

No internal costs (scanning, printing, invoicing, dispatch of non-registered mail,...) are charged*. 

In application of its CSR charter, Miles is committed to controlling its costs by avoiding the waste of consumable goods, drastically limiting printing costs and making optimal use of energy and premises.

*Some Miles Network members apply special rules in this area, which they communicate in advance.

Precision and regularity

We encode our services by 6 minutes, the lawyer of the service is always mentioned and the description of the task is specified. The details of this encoding are attached to the invoice.

The invoicing takes place monthly, so that the status of the services can be checked transparently.

Specific provisions

In the context of specific agreements, subscription formulas or lump sum formulas can be considered. 

In the event of a favourable result, a success fee may be claimed.



Our international activities

We develop our international activities through two channels :

Our membership of an international alliance of law firms

Our activities in international professional associations

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You can park your bicycle in one of our garages. Please notify us by e-mail and call the firm's phone number when you arrive.

Our international alliance

The firm is a member of ABL (Alliance of Business Lawyers), a dynamic and worldwide network of business law firms. This international association assembles more than 900 lawyers established in 56 medium-sized law firms located in 34 different countries in Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

All ABL member firms are recognized law firms in their jurisdiction.

With our colleagues of ABL we leave no stone unturned looking for the most effective legal solution for any cross-border transaction and litigation in matters such as tax law, intellectual property law, labour law and all other aspects of business law.

Our international relations through international professional networks

Alex Tallon is in charge of our international relationships and builds thus up contacts through his memberships of the IBA (International Bar Association), UIA (Union Internationale des Avocats), EAL (European association of Lawyers) and LIDC (Ligue Internationale du Droit de la Concurrence), as well as being a member of the CCBE delegation (this is the Council of European Bars). He is also a member of the IAE (International Advisory Experts), an international network of legal experts.